Rush – “2112″ ( Full Album)

Rush inducted in to the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame

Rush – 2112
April 1, 1976
Toronto Sound Studios, Toronto

Many people call this THE Rush album and its really hard to disagree with that as this thing is amazing. 2112 is more than just an album it is a cultural icon it is a piece of not just music but entertainment history. To just call this a regular album is doing the band a huge disservice as it really is more like a epic journey than anything else. This without a doubt is one of those albums that you just need to listen to at some point in your life.

The album actually has a story that the basics of is about a intergalactic war where a evil bunch of guys called the Priests of the Temple Syrinx have taken it upon themselves to decide what people can read, watch and listen to. A man who finds a guitar thinks it should be shared with the world, but the priests have different ideas. It is a sci-fi epic that is hard to do justice in just a few words.

As well as having a great story, 2112 has a very interesting cover. Some people claim that the red star on the cover was because the band where Satanists. I think that most sane people knew this was not true. The red star is a powerful symbol that if you listen to the album and really listen to the story you will understand.

2112 [CD + DVD Deluxe Edition]


Rush - 2112

“… I have not left this cave for days now, it has become
My last refuge in my total despair. I have only the music of
The waterfall to comfort me now. I can no longer live
Under the control of the federation, but there is no other
Place to go. my last hope is that with my death I may pass
Into the world of my dream, and know peace at last.

The sleep is still in my eyes
The dream is still in my head
I heave a sigh and sadly smile
And lie a while in bed
I wish that it might come to pass
Not fade like all my dreams

Just think of what my life might be
In a world like I have seen
I don’t think I can carry on
Carry on this cold and empty life
Oh…noo! “

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